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List of valles on Mars

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Title: List of valles on Mars  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Mars, Gale (crater), Moons of Mars, Vallis, Transit of Venus from Mars
Collection: Valleys and Canyons on Mars
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of valles on Mars

Valles (singular vallis) on Mars are similar to valleys on Earth. Some features that take this title may be better described as canyons or chasmata; see List of Chasmata on Mars. Coordinates are given as planetocentric latitude with east longitude.

Name Coordinates Length (km) Namesake Notes
Abus Vallis 58.0 Classical name for Humber River
Al-Qahira Vallis 555.0 Word for "Mars" in Arabic
Allegheny Vallis 200.0 Allegheny River
Anio Valles 36.5 Classical name for Aniene River in Italy
Apsus Vallis 120.0 Classical name for Seman River in Albania
Arda Valles 186.0 Arda River
Ares Vallis 1700.0 Word for "Mars" in Greek: Άρης Landing site of the Mars Pathfinder
Arnus Vallis 280.0 Arno River
Asopus Vallis 33.0 Classical name for Boeotian Asopus river in Greece
Athabasca Valles 285.0 Athabasca River Carved by water from Cerberus Fossae
Auqakuh Vallis 312.0 Word for "Mars" in Quechua
Axius Valles 349.0 Classical name for Vardar River in Greece
Bahram Vallis 302.0 Word for "Mars" in Persian
Brazos Valles 458.0 Brazos River
Buvinda Vallis 119.6 Classical name for River Boyne in Ireland
Chico Valles 450.0 River in Argentina.
Clanis Valles 58.0 Classical name for Chiana River in Italy
Clasia Vallis 125.0 Classical river in Umbria, Italy
Clota Vallis 112.0 Ancient name for River Clyde in Scotland
Columbia Valles 94.0 Columbia River
Coogoon Valles 300.0 River in Australia
Cusus Valles 249.0 Classical name for Hron River in Slovakia
Daga Vallis 70.0 Dagā River in Burma
Dao Vallis 816.0 Word for "star" in Thai
Deva Vallis 48.0 Classical name for River Dee in Scotland
Dittaino Valles 138.0 Dittaino River
Doanus Vallis 131.0 Classical river shown in Ptolemy's map; possibly Mekong River
Drava Valles 150.0 Drava River
Drilon Vallis 94.0 Classical name for Drin River in Albania
Dubis Vallis 37.0 Classical name for Doubs River in France
Durius Valles 223.0 Classical name for Douro River in Portugal
Dzigai Vallis 326.0 Word for "valley" in Navajo
Elaver Vallis 160.0 Classical name for Allier River in France
Enipeus Vallis 357.0 Classical name for Enipeas River in Greece
Evros Vallis 335.0 Evros River
Frento Vallis 277.0 Classical name for Fortore River in Italy
Granicus Valles 750.0 Ancient name for the Biga Çayı, a river in Turkey
Grjotá Valles 370.0 River in Iceland
Harmakhis Vallis 475.0 Word for "Mars" in Ancient Egyptian
Hebrus Valles 317.0 Ancient name for the Maritsa, a river in Greece
Her Desher Vallis 107.0 Word for "Mars" in Egyptian Arabic
Hermus Vallis 46.0 Classical name for Gediz River in Turkey
Himera Valles 160.0 Classical name for Grande River in Italy
Hrad Vallis 825.0 Word for "Mars" in Armenian
Huo Hsing Vallis 318.0 Word for "Mars" in Chinese:火星/huǒxīng
Hypanis Valles 231.0 Classical name for Kuban River in Russia
Hypsas Vallis 32.8 Classical name for river in Sicily
Iberus Vallis 80.2 Classical name for Ebro River in Spain
Indus Vallis 307.0 Indus River
Isara Valles 8.0 Classical name for Oise River in France
Ituxi Vallis 62.0 Ituxi River in Brazil
Kasei Valles 1780.0 Word for "Mars" in Japanese: かせい
Labou Vallis 222.0 Word for "Mars" in French
Ladon Valles 278.0 Ladon River in Greece
Lethe Vallis 225.0 River Lethe
Licus Vallis 219.1 Ancient name for Lech River in Germany and Austria
Liris Valles 613.0 Ancient name for Liri River in Italy
Lobo Vallis 102.0 River in Ivory Coast
Locras Valles 314.0 Ancient name for river in Corsica mentioned by Ptolemy
Loire Valles 720.0 Loire River
Louros Valles 517.0 Louros River
Ma'adim Vallis 825.0 Word for "Mars" in Hebrew: מַאַדִים
Mad Vallis 524.0 Mad River
Maja Valles 1516.0 Word for "Mars" in Nepali
Mamers Valles 1020.0 Word for "Mars" in Oscan
Mangala Valles 828.0 Word for "Mars" in Sanskrit
Marikh Vallis 1280.0 Word for "Mars" in Malaysian
Valles Marineris 3769.0 Mariner 9 Space program Largest known crevice in the solar system
Marte Vallis 1185.0 Word for "Mars" in Spanish: martes
Matrona Vallis 51.0 Classical name for Marne River in France
Maumee Valles 350.0 Maumee River
Mawrth Vallis 636.0 Word for "Mars" in Welsh: Mawrth
Minio Vallis 88.0 Classical name for river in Italy
Morava Valles 325.0 Morava River
Mosa Vallis 171.0 Meuse River
Munda Vallis 10.0 Classical name for Mondego River in Portugal
Naktong Vallis 494.0 Nakdong River
Nanedi Valles 508.0 Word for "planet" in Sesotho
Naro Vallis 393.0 Ancient name for Neretva River in former Yugoslavia
Nestus Valles 33.0 Classical name for Nestos River in Macedonia (Greece)
Nia Vallis 133.0 Classical river name Named used by Lowell for canal
Nicer Vallis 54.0 Classical name for Neckar River in Germany
Niger Vallis 333.0 Niger River
Nirgal Vallis 496.0 Word for "Mars" in Babylonian
Ochus Valles 104.0 Classical name for Hari River in Turkmenistan
Oltis Valles 173.0 Ancient name for Lot River in France
Osuga Valles 185.0 Osuga River
Padus Vallis 46.0 Classical name for Po River in Italy
Pallacopas Vallis 660.0 Classical canal in Babylonia Name used by Lowell for a canal
Parana Valles 350.0 Paraná River
Patapsco Vallis 153.0 Patapsco River
Peace Vallis 35.24 "River in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada"[1]
Protva Valles 260.0 Protva River
Rahway Valles 500.0 Rahway River
Ravi Vallis 205.5 Ravi River
Ravius Valles 233.0 Classical name for river in Ireland
Reull Vallis 945.0 Word for "planet" in Gaelic
Rhabon Valles 247.0 Classical name for Jiu River in Romania
Rubicon Valles 240.0 Ancient name for Rubicon River in Italy
Runa Vallis 39.2 Name proposed by Soviets
Sabis Vallis 206.0 Classical name for Sambre River in France and Belgium
Sabrina Vallis 237.0 Classical name for River Severn in England
Samara Valles 615.0 Ancient name for Somme River in France
Scamander Vallis 204.0 Ancient name for Karamenderes River in Turkey
Senus Vallis 20.0 Classical name for river in Ireland
Sepik Vallis 56.0 Sepik River
Shalbatana Vallis 963.0 Word for "Mars" in Akkadian
Silinka Vallis 140.0 River in Russia
Simud Valles 945.0 Word for "Mars" in Sumerian
Stura Vallis 75.0 Classical name for Stura di Demonte river in Italy
Subur Vallis 26.0 Classical name for river in Mauritania
Sungari Vallis 430.0 Songhua River
Surinda Valles 95.0 Name proposed by Soviets; found on Mars 5 map
Surius Vallis 570.0 From a river of Colchis Name used by Lowell for canal
Tader Valles 200.0 Ancient name for Segura River in Spain
Tagus Valles 155.4 Tagus River
Taus Vallis 12.6 Classical name for river in Scotland
Termes Vallis 48.0 Classical name for Tormes River in Spain
Teviot Vallis 140.0 River Teviot
Tigre Valles 118 Tigre River
Tinia Valles 18.7 Classical name for river in Italy
Tinjar Valles 425.0 Tinjar River in Malaysia
Tinto Vallis 146.5 Rio Tinto
Tisia Valles 399.0 Ancient name for Tisza River in Hungary
Tiu Valles 1720.0 Word for "Mars" in Old English: tiu
Trebia Valles 183.0 Classical name for Trebbia River in Italy
Tyras Vallis 68.0 Classical name for Dniester River in Ukraine
Uzboi Vallis 366.0 Dry riverbed of the Uzboy River in Turkmenistan
Varus Valles 92.0 Classical name for Var River in France
Vedra Valles 115.0 Ancient name for river in Great Britain
Verde Vallis 95.0 Verde River
Vichada Valles 430.0 Vichada River
Vistula Valles 190.0 Vistula River in Poland
Waikato Vallis 230.0 Waikato River
Walla Walla Vallis 24.0 Walla Walla River
Warrego Valles 188.0 Warrego River
Zarqa Valles 490 Zarqa River


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