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List of plains on Mars

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Title: List of plains on Mars  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Transit of Venus from Mars, Arcadia Planitia, Elysium Planitia, Aeolis Palus, Moons of Mars
Collection: Plains on Mars, Surface Features of Bodies of the Solar System
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

List of plains on Mars

This is a list of plains on Mars. Such features are named after the nearest classical albedo feature in compliance with the International Astronomical Union's rules of planetary nomenclature. Plains may be named denoted "planitia" or "planum", depending on height.


Planitia (plural: planitiae) is Latin for plain. It is the IAU descriptor term for features which are "low plains".

Name Coordinates Size (km)
Acidalia Planitia 3400
Amazonis Planitia 2800
Arcadia Planitia 1900
Argyre Planitia 900
Chryse Planitia 1500
Elysium Planitia 3000
Eridania Planitia 1100
Hellas Planitia 2300
Isidis Planitia 1200
Utopia Planitia 3600


Planum (plural: plana) is the Latin word for plateau. It is the IAU descriptor term for plateaus and high plains.

Name Latitude Longitude Diameter (km)
Aeolis Planum 0.79 S 145.0 E 820
Amenthes Planum 3.16 N 105.7 E 960
Aonia Planum 57.71 S 281.0 E 650
Argentea Planum 69.79 S 292.0 E 1750
Ascuris Planum 40.38 N 279.2 E 500
Aurorae Planum 10.38 S 310.8 E 600
Bosporos Planum 34.2 S 295.1 E 700
Daedalia Planum 21.78 S 232.0 E 1800
Hesperia Planum 22.27 S 110.0 E 1700
Icaria Planum 43.18 S 253.5 E 650
Lucus Planum 3.96 S 182.0 E 864
Lunae Planum 10.38 N 294.0 E 1800
Malea Planum 64.75 S 65.0 E 900
Meridiani Planum 0.2 N 357.5 E 1100
Nepenthes Planum 12.46 N 113.4 E 1660
Oenotria Plana 8 S 76 E 925
Olympia Planum 81.91 N 195.0 E 1000
Ophir Planum 8.7 S 302.5 E 650
Parva Planum 75.85 S 257.0 E 750
Planum Angustum 79.69 S 276.5 E 200
Planum Australe 83.93 S 160.0 E 1450
Planum Boreum 87.98 N 15.0 E 1100
Planum Chronium 59.72 S 140.0 E 550
Promethei Planum 78.88 S 90.0 E 850
Sinai Planum 13.35 S 272.0 E 900
Sisyphi Planum 69.79 S 5.0 E 1100
Solis Planum 25.25 S 273.5 E 1700
Syria Planum 13.06 S 256.1 E 740
Syrtis Major Planum 8.41 N 69.5 E 1350
Thaumasia Planum 24.45 S 295.7 E 650
Zephyria Planum 0.99 S 153.1 E 550


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