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Fukang (meteorite)

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Title: Fukang (meteorite)  
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Subject: Stony-iron meteorites, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture, 2000 in science, Fukang, Peekskill meteorite
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Fukang (meteorite)

Type Stony–iron
Class Pallasite
Group Main Group Pallasite (MGP)
Composition Fe 89.9 wt%, Ni 9.0 wt%, P 0.62 wt%, Co 0.51 wt%; Ge 41 µg/g, As 26 µg/g, Ga 19.1 µg/g, Pd 5.1 µg/g, Au 2.6 µg/g; Ir 43 ng/g.
Country China
Region Fukang, Xinjiang Province
Observed fall No
Found date 2000
TKW 1003 kg

The Fukang meteorite is a meteorite that was found in the mountains near Fukang, China in 2000. It is a pallasite—a type of stony–iron meteorite with striking olivine crystals.


In 2000 near Fukang (China), a Chinese dealer got a 1,003 kilograms (2,211 lb) mass from Xinjiang Province, China. He removed from the main mass about twenty kilograms (forty-four pounds) and in February 2005 the meteorite was taken to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show. There it was seen by Dante Lauretta of University of Arizona. Afterwards the mass was investigated by D.S. Lauretta, D. Hill, M. Killgore, D. Della-Giustina and Y. Goreva at Southwest Meteorite Center, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona in Tucson.[1]

Classification and Composition

The Fukang pallasite contains large, gem quality olivine, or peridot, in a nickel-iron matrix. Olivines vary in shape from rounded to angular, many are fractured and they range in size from less than five millimetres to several centimetres. The main mass contains several regions of massive olivine clusters up to eleven centimetres (4.3 inches) in diameter with thin metal veins. Fo86.4 with molar Fe/Mg = 0.1367, Fe/Mn = 40.37, and Ni = 0.03 wt%. The metal matrix is mostly kamacite with an average Nickel contents of 6.98 wt%. Vermicular sulfide (troilite) is present in some olivine.
Oxygen isotopes: δ18O 2.569 ‰, δ17O 1.179 ‰, ∆1 7O = −0.157 ‰.[2]


A total of thirty-one kilograms (sixty-eight pounds) of type specimen is on deposit at University of Arizona. Marvin Killgore holds a total of the same amount. An anonymous collector holds the main mass.[1] In April 2008, Bonhams offered the main mass for auction at their Manhattan auction. Bonhams expected to fetch two million U.S. dollars, but the lot remained unsold. A 19 by 36 inches (480 mm × 910 mm) "window" area was cut and polished to provide a view into the gem areas of the meteorite.[3]

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